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Drudge Report, the official app from the web page with the same name, allows you to read all types of news on your Android. These news stories, as is usual on this website, are previously filtered (or ‘curated’) by the members of Drudge Report.

As some of you will know, Drudge Report is famous worldwide for being the first media outlet to uncover the Lewinsky affair. Since then, Drudge Report has continued doing what it does, which we can now enjoy with this application offering hand-picked links from other news outlets.

The design of the Drudge Report app stays faithful to the original website: it’s clean and very simple. You can see three columns with their corresponding news streams, along with the occasional photo highlighting the stories. After clicking on the headline, you are linked to the news story.

Drudge Report is a simple and effective news app that allows you to stay updated with current events mostly in the US. Of course, It doesn't reach as many people as other bigger news outlets do, instead focusing on curated content.
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